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Gen V’ trailer introduces the ‘savage’ freshman class of ‘The Boys’ college spin-off

Amid the wait for The Boys season 4, in comes Gen V, the first live-action spin-off series set in the world of Homelander, Butcher, and Starlight.

A new trailer arrived Monday, following an earlier poster tease and the reveal of its Sept. 29 premiere date last week. The footage sets up who the main players of the college-set show, assuring viewers that the «freshman class is savage this year.»

Gen V is set at Godolkin University, America’s only college dedicated to molding the minds of young supes, all of whom are competing against each other for spots in the Seven and other prime hero contracts to police the biggest cities. Jaz Sinclair (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) stars as Marie Moreau, who can telekinetically manipulate blood. As she demonstrates, the power allows her to solidify it into weapons like whips, and, as one unfortunate male student learns, explode dicks.

Gen V

‘Gen V’


Having grown up through supe foster care at Red River Institute, as shown in The Boys season 3, Marie arrives at Godolkin with dreams of becoming the first Black woman in the Seven. «You could become the first top-ranked freshman in history,» she’s told by administration. «But you have a target on your back.»

Sinclair’s Sabrina costar Chance Perdomo plays Andre Anderson, who can manipulate metal with his mind. He’s seen in the Gen V trailer as the number one-ranked supe at Godolkin. Other characters introduced are Patrick Schwarzenegger‘s Golden Boy, who can set his body on fire (as seen in previous marketing material); Lizze Broadway as a size-shrinking supe; and London Thor and Derek Luh both playing Jordan Li, a supe who can swap genders at will.

According to a new synopsis, these students are the first generation of superheroes to know that their powers come from Compound V, which their parents had injected into them as infants. «They quickly come to learn that ambition comes with sacrifice, and the difference between right and wrong is not as clear as they once believed,» the description continues. «When the university’s dark secrets come to light, the students must come to grips with what type of heroes they are going to become.»

Jaz Sinclair's Marie fights to survive 'The Boys' spin-off 'Gen V'

Jaz Sinclair’s Marie fights to survive ‘The Boys’ spin-off ‘Gen V’


«There are dangerous, evil people at that school,» the trailer warns, while Marie declares, «Everything is fucked!»

Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters serve as showrunners on Gen V, which also features Shelley Conn, Maddie Phillips, Asa Germann, Sean Patrick Thomas, Marco Pigossi, Clancy Brown, and Jason Ritter. A handful of The Boys veterans — Jessie T. Usher, Claudia Doumit, Colby Minifie, and P.J. Byrne — will also appear. Also, while not yet confirmed by Amazon, Jensen Ackles previously stated that he filmed a Soldier Boy cameo for the show.

Watch the trailer above.

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